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Haltan Properties Announces CEO and CRO

HalTan Properties announces Nadim Tannous as CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and Alex Haler as CRO (Chief Revenue Officer) this month. Nadim and Alex founded Haltan Properties and its subsidiaries -- High Rocky Homes, High Desert Homes, and Panoramic Vacation Homes -- in 2016.


As the business is growing and entering new markets, they are defining new roles within the organization. Alex will be in charge of business development and revenue management while Nadim will oversee the business’ various departments. 


"Alex has a tremendous ability to connect with clients, speak investors' language, and paint the picture of how our vision aligns with theirs to bring them the best solutions for their needs. I'm very excited for him to be spearheading our business development initiatives" said Tannous.


Haler mentioned, “dividing up our roles will be great for the business. I have always loved diving into the data, so being able to focus on that side of the business will be great. Nadim has always been really good at leading the team, so formalizing his role as CEO is a no-brainer.”


Haltan is planning to expand its footprint in Colorado and is considering opening new markets. 

They’re working to “continue finding value and high ROI investments for our clients” according to Tannous. Between the three brands, they manage rentals from hotels, motels, vacation homes, and more.


Alex and Nadim have 15 years of combined experience in property management. HalTan Properties has 3 brands and is located in 11 cities. Property types under management include vacation homes, lodges, motels, and hotels. HalTan Properties prides itself on a guest-first approach with an emphasis on creating the best guest experience.


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