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High Desert Homes Introduces Desert Lily

JOSHUA TREE, Calif. -- Sept. 1, 2021 -- High Desert Homes, a brand owned by HalTan Properties, has just launched the Desert Lily, a vacation rental property located just outside Joshua Tree State Park. The site is made up of eight different listings including The Oliver Bus, which was featured on CBS’s Staycation on Amazon Prime Video.


At the beginning of 2020, HalTan Properties launched their second brand, High Desert Homes with the purchase of Pueblo Trail Retreat. Furthering their local presence in the High Desert region, they acquired the Desert Lily earlier in 2021. “It’s one of the more unique, beautiful properties in the Joshua Tree Highlands,” noted co-founder Alex Haler. “Once we acquired and started managing the Desert Lily...a lot of the neighbors and surrounding owners noticed and are now having us manage their properties,” he said.


The Desert Lily also has an on-site wedding venue, Love-Love. It was listed in the Top 10 Wedding Venues in the Southwest by a local photographer. The venue can be used for small weddings and intimate events. 


“It’s a very interesting market,” said co-founder Nadim Tannous “with traffic to the National Park having doubled to 3 million people in the last 5 years and it being located just 2 hours from Los Angeles and San Diego, it has fairly significant demand. Not to mention the current desire to escape from cities and into more isolated areas.” 


The property management company has been renovating the site since they bought it. The Biltmore Homestead Cabin is currently undergoing renovations. A hot tub will be added in the fall and a pool is expected to be added to the premises next summer. Future renovation plans also include adding a Geodesic Dome Tent equipped with a fireplace and fan.

HalTan Properties was founded in 2016. Alex and Nadim have 15 years of combined experience in property management. HalTan Properties has 3 brands and is located in 11 cities. Property types under management include vacation homes, lodges, motels, and hotels. HalTan Properties prides itself on a guest-first approach with an emphasis on creating the best guest experience. 


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